[fancy_heading style=”style1″ size=”medium”]Performance Guarantee[/fancy_heading]

We shall provide performance guarantees stating that our product and services being provided shall meet and/or exceed the unit capacities and range of operating conditions stated in our every proposal to the client.

We shall warrant all components to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for twenty four (24) months from date of satisfactory completion of commissioning.

All our accepted Proposal shall deemed to warrant that, notwithstanding that any part of the equipment supplied has been satisfactorily factory tested and/ or inspected on site before installation, if any equipment or part thereof shall fail to perform its specified function under test or during the Contract Defects Liability Period (or twenty four months from the date of Practical Completion), and it is determined that such failures are the responsibility of Pinewater, then all costs of replacing all faulty equipment or parts thereof shall be bore by Pinewater.

If the operating staffs are unable to determine the cause of any system problems with telephone assistance from Pinewater, we shall dispatch at our cost within three days, if the system is totally inoperative, or within ten days for a fault affecting only redundant equipment, specialist engineering staff to remedy the problem.

Pinewater is required to provide, within the Warranty period, a maximum three days turnaround (excluding weekends) on all repairs and/ or equipment replacement. The operating staff shall not undertake any repairs unless authorised by Pinewater.

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