Water Filter System

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Product Description

What does daCompact do?

Following shall describe the main features and benefits of the daCompact:

What exactly is daCompact? What are its features? How does daCompact work?

The daCompact range of package water treatment plants provides a proven design to deliver potable treated drinking water to meet SPAN, WHO and SIRIM Standards. This complete water treatment package of integrated equipment is designed to be assembled anywhere with speed and economy.

The daCompact delivers, high quality water treatment, scalability and flexibility to meet specific applications. The daCompact comprises a flocculator, clarifier, sand filter and chemical dosing plant, complete with all pumps, gauges and interconnecting pipework.

daCompact Model is:
symbolbulat2Pre-engineered, factory-assembled package water treatment plant and component.
symbolbulat2Low Series (1 – 50 m3/hr) for 100 – 5 000 pac
symbolbulat2Hi Series (50 – 700 m3/hr)
symbolbulat2Plant Design. Self-contained, factory tested, pre-packaged unit on single compact skid.
symbolbulat2Component Design. Individual isolatable modules for hi solids application, large capacitysymbolbulat2ksystems and conventional treatment plant retrofits. Optional UF and RO.
symbolbulat2PLC and remote monitoring provides controlled filtration performance.
symbolbulat2Compliant w/ SPAN, SIRIM, WHO, all reuse regulations and discharge restrictions.

Value Added
symbolbulat2Warranty & Recognition from GLC
symbolbulat2R & D by UTP Academician and Researchers
symbolbulat2Green Tech Option (Less OR without Chemical)

symbolbulat2Design. SPAN Standard by IEM Engineers & UTP Researchers
symbolbulat2Fabrication. SIRIM Method & QC
symbolbulat2Installation. Minimal Space, Economical, Quick & Potable
symbolbulat2End Product. WHO Standard & GLC Warranty
symbolbulat2Operation. Safe & Easy (Green Tech)
symbolbulat2Maintenance. Less & Practical
symbolbulat2kFelda Sabah
symbolbulat2kJabatan Air Negeri Sabah
symbolbulat2kLembaga Air Perak
symbolbulat2kMinistry of Education
symbolbulat2kPengurusan Air Pahang Bhd
symbolbulat2Warranty. 2-Year Manufacturing Warranty

This Technical Documentation provides a means to understand the overall objectives of the daCompact in addition to the immediate objectives of each process. This Technical Documentation provides detailed descriptions of the various treatment processes in the daCompact plant.

The descriptions of the individual processes shall follow the same order as the flow through the daCompact. It shall contain information regarding the expected results or efficiency of each process and the anticipated operating parameters for each process. The daCompact plant shall generally include the followings parts and systems:

Process Description Table




Used as a method for oxidation of iron and manganese and for the removal of hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds through oxidation and stripping.

Pre Chemical Dosing:a.    Alum/PAC
b.    Polymer
c.    Soda Ash/Lime
a.    Coagulant
b.    Promotion of floc size
c.    pH correction/ softeningProvides quick and thorough contact with chemical treatment aids prior to coagulation/ flocculation.



Promotion of floc size and causes suspended and dissolved particles to “clump” together under the influence of chemical aids for easy removal.



Removes suspended or dissolved matter (turbidity) from water.


Removes suspended or colloidal particles from water as it is passed through the filter media. Final clarification to meet final treated water quality standards complete with automatic backwashing system, automated and motorized valves, pipe works and fittings.

Post Chemical Dosing:a.    Chlorineb.    Soda Ash/Lime a. Disinfection – destroys or inactivates harmful, disease-causing microorganisms.b. Final pH adjustment

Retention in contact time for 30 minutes

Free chlorine contact for primary disinfection



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