Disolved Air Floatation System


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Brand : Pinewater

Type   : Disolved Air Floatation System

Dissolve Air Flotation Process


Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) technology is the process where suspended solids, oil & greases, and other insoluble impurities are separated from water slurries by micro-bubbles.

It started by dissolving air into water under pressure.  Upon release of the pressure, micro-bubbles form. These micro-bubbles interact with the particles to cause them to float to the surface of a vessel where they are skimmed and separated.

Here is how the floc-bubble attachment mechanism works:

Type 1 –  Bubbles adhere to preformed floc

Type 2 – Bubbles trapped in preformed floc

Type 3 – Bubbles trapped as floc forms

Type 4 – Floc acts as nucleus for bubble formation

DAF can be applied successfully to a range of different waters, wastewaters and sludges and demonstrate certain specific advantages over more conventional solids removal processes. DAF plants can be designed to be small, compact and robust systems with a high rate of operation. DAF systems are capable of coping with reasonable variations in influent water quality, and to some extent variations in flow.


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