[fancy_heading style=”style1″ size=”medium”]Vision & Strategy[/fancy_heading]

This section shall explain in simple term the objective of Pinewater’s business:
symbolbulat2To provide solid masterplan for developing water business with better design and fabricationsymbolbulat2kstandard, effective marketing strategies, and strong after-sales support.
symbolbulat2To upgrade technical know-how and fabrication resources in the next two years forward,symbolbulat2kthrough the enlargement of business structure and facilities, and hiring professionals with highsymbolbulat2kpotential.
symbolbulat2Short-term planning is to introduce and establish attractive, practical, and reliable product linesymbolbulat2kinto the Malaysian market.
symbolbulat2Long-term planning is to offer best environmentally friendly technology yet competitive; andsymbolbulat2kbe a successful and sustainable entity in the water business. The management and operationsymbolbulat2kteam shall anticipate the target to be a well-realized effort within the next five years, thus shallsymbolbulat2kput Pinewater on top, Bumiputera corporate entity on the map, and our planet back on course.


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