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We actively engage with the communities we serve whether it is providing education and training, volunteering, fundraising, charitable support or hosting charity events. Following shall be part of social and sports commitments you would involve if you join us.

We give all employees the chance to volunteer.

Local Interactions
Through our voluntarily programme, all employees receive two days per year, in addition their annual leave, to volunteer in different ways, for charities that operate in the areas where they work and live. Pinewater proposed the following volunteering events to include interaction with local populations, respecting established customs and priorities:
symbolbulat2A litter picking and general waste tidy ups at communal sites across Lahad Datu area.
symbolbulat2River clean-up events with the environmental charity at Kuantan River, Pahang.

Community Projects
We support a wide range of sponsorship and charitable support for communal activity in our area. Two recent community projects that have benefited from our support are:
symbolbulat2Jalan Gurney Cycling Club which received funding to help promote the benefits of healthysymbolbulat2klifestyle opportunities for the local community.
symbolbulat2Cambodian Islamic Primary School in Cambodia received funds to purchase academic tools andsymbolbulat2kresources to expand their educational projects.

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